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29 Apr

With 58 million  hits in 0.07 seconds when you google ROYAL WEDDING – who is going to read yet another blog about this today??!

Nobody. I get that.

So, I am not going to share one tiny bit more on the Wedding other than saying – it’s a BIG day…. I love Kate’s style…and I am certainly not missing it!

This post is to say that I am sharing in this big event – from very, very far…..and I do hope that they will turn out to be a “happy ever after” couple to take away some of the sadness surrounding everything about lady Diana and the people watching Kate to fold under pressure.

I bought these items yesterday for tonight’s party – in the spirit of the wedding….

…..and in honor of our fabulous hostess who is hosting a ROYAL WEDDING PARTY for us all to watch together.

What better excuse for expats in far away places to have a party and turn into Royalists ! Sorry that I can’t share any photos of our RW-party with you on my blog…. but I don’t own the rights to cover the event and publish the photos of all my friends who will be wearing their blue, red and white !!  😉

Are you going to watch?? Tell me – where or with who??

And if you read this only after the event – what did you think of it all?? The dress???  Anything else??  Share, share, share !

Have a lovely weekend everyone – if not in London….in front of your TV !!

Off to go make my cucumber sandwiches for tonight !


Monday mood-lift by Amy Butler designs

14 Mar

Today is Monday and it is pretty cloudy and foggy where I live.

The spring colours of my previous post is about the only thing around me that is bright and colourful right now.

I guess winter is just not quite ready to let go of its’ grip.

This weather makes me want to crawl back in bed. And how lovely if you have a set of 100% Organic Linen by the very talented Amy Butler.

I love everything that  Amy Butler offers and she is the official sponsor of the Selvedge Spring Fair which takes place on April, 2nd in London. She is also a contributor in Holly Becker’s upcoming book Decorate which deserves a post of its own sometime soon for all the hype it is creating right now in the decor world !! You can read all about the Fair details (as well as pre-order Holly’s book) on Holly’s famous blog decor8. , which is where I was reminded once again of the many talents of Amy.

I have a number of stationery products of Amy. Go check it out ! You will get lost in all the wonderful colours and design….

Now….to decide….crawl back in bed….????…..mmmmm…. Happy Monday everybody !

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