Can you HELP me ???? ……. TEACH me?????…. TELL me….. HOW you do it?????…..

Heard that over and over.

So, here I am – doing this blog to HELP you, TEACH you, TELL you how I do it??

Will it help you? – for sure – we can all learn from each other !

Even if it is from each other’s mistakes…

Because honest truth is (and don’t tell anyone this ! ) – I am not ALWAYS all that organized . Yes. It’s true…..

I am just a normal mom trying to stay on top of things ! Day by day I also struggle to just stay ahead….

But I do love to organize and I do have a great eye for detail !

I promised some friends I would share some ideas.

I love keeping promises.

I love sharing.

I love writing.

The result – THIS BLOG.

My focus will be how I organize, but be sure that as a mom I would not be able to resist the temptation of throwing my family into the mix of things I blog about..and then there’s always the details of the day-to-day living that will pop into this space as well.

Hope you enjoy it ! Hope this blog spark some ideas on your side ! Be sure to tell be if it did. Please post me a comment on a post or speak up on the YOUR TURN page !

One Response to “ABOUT THIS BLOG”

  1. mienie October 6, 2010 at 7:34 pm #

    Thanks Ilze for the fab tips on storing jewelery.
    Can’t wait for other fab ideas.

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