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Time Out

5 Oct

Today I needed a little “Time Out”.

It has been a busy, busy month with many hours in front of the computer and lots of turmoil going on.

I went to the Flower Market. We have an AMAZING market in Namdaemun, Seoul.

The market was in parts already closed so I did not really have much choice.

…but I still got  a colour scheme that always speaks to me!

It was not exactly what I was looking for ….. but sometimes it doesn’t matter whether it is the right colour or not…whether it is  the right type of flower or not…..

Those details  are not important when it is about…

The process putting it together….deciding how many of which kind…..focusing on the thorns that so brutally get in the way of my creative thinking…. It takes my mind off things

The ideamy friend invited us for brunch tomorrow. Her beautiful home was the subject of a photo shoot for an interior magazine. She does not need any more flowers as she still has loads from the shoot..but it feels right to add a little freshness to the hostess gift I got her. Just because…..

The purpose I wanted to put together a thank-you bunch for our nanny who is so hardworking and a real gem in the house. And I managed to do this bunch.


The pleasure I even had enough leftovers to bunch some together in these little vases I got the other day – so I will put them around the house.

It will bring me great joy tomorrow.

The detail did not matter.

What mattered was that I could feel myself unwrap some of what has been all wrapped up inside the moment I started unwrapping these at home…..

Do you also like  fresh flowers to fill up when your tank is running a little empty ?

What are the things you do as a little retreat when you need to refresh a little?

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