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I’m in the MOOD

24 Sep

One of the fun things we had to do was to create a moodboard during our e-course.  You have to look for things that you love and put them together in a display so others could see what you are all about. (Or that is at least what I think I was suppose to do?!). Most importantly though is to get in touch with yourself in this process.

It got me a little worried as I have recently changed 3 rooms in my house to BLACK?! Would that mean I am in a little bit of a dark mood at the moment?

It had to be nothing electronic – real life things, magazine clippings or different items that inspire you. Thank goodness I picked up a copy of the September 2010  issue of  HOUSE BEAUTIFUL magazine on a recent trip to Hawaii. It was perfect as I found my exact matches for my mood and colour scheme all in one magazine. They have beautiful things and I encourage you to pick up a copy anytime you need a fix on your decor hunger !

You are actually suppose to do it in a folder to which you can refer back later…but I decided to just walk around my house and see what it is that I have recently purchased that I loved ! Obviously that would reflect my mood over the last couple of months, right?

I had so much fun doing this! I realized the value in the exercise in that

1) I don’t really have to worry about that dark side of mine…(as my items turn out to be a little more colourful than just black !….phew ?! and

2) It reminded me why I bought all these things (yes – the colours lifted my spirit and still does) and it gave me a clear picture of what has been catching my eye over the most recent period

3) I loved doing it so much that I decided to use some of the items as inspiration for the start-up header for my blog. It will be a nice reminder of what mood I was in when I started this new blog.

Thanks Holly for making me do this ! It was also all-inspiring to see what others in the class came up with.

I learnt a lot about myself in this process.

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