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Take the plunge

27 Jan

I have wanted to change my blog from to for months now.

That way I will have a lot more freedom and control over my blog. That’s my kind of thing – freedom and control. There are many other reasons.

It’s a long story. I won’t bore you.

But it involves a few steps…a few things I need to do and know…that I don’t know.

And another thing you might not know about me, is that I don’t really want to do something unless I know what I DON’T know…and right now there are a number of things I DON’T know….but I will only know once I have moved the blog….yes, it’s complicated.

So, earlier tonight I saw this picture of my daughter diving into the pool at the Swim Challenge.

I have not seen it before but I love it.

My husband took it while I was out of the country and life got hectic so I never had the time to go through these.

Okay – so how does this relate.

Simply this.  It reminded me that I need to take the plunge…just dive into the deep end and start swimming.

I need to get in the water and take on the challenge.

I don’t know how it all will work out….but if you keep on living with so many “what IF’s” get stuck on the IF in the middle of L(IF)E for too long and loose valuable time.

That is where I am right now…stuck and not moving forward or backwards on this issue.

I am not quite ready to do this…but the sooner the better.

I will keep you posted. I will need you in this process to follow me when I leave this spot. The statistics on readers of my blog have become very rewarding and I don’t want to loose that link moving to a new place…but here I go with the long story…boring you…. I will stop.

Just keep coming back. I will keep you posted. I will need you to … Okay, I will stop. I just need to do it first, right!

I need to take that plunge !

Gray skies…and YELLOW !!

26 Jan

Recently I decided to change my dining room curtains to a soft gray and white.

I have not done this yet..but the idea took post and it is still in the back of my mind.

Gray is the new black. How trendy.

Problem is …it is still GRAY.

Everybody LOVES gray at the moment..but I am noticing something else.

Everybody needs a bit of cheering up right now….

I have just returned from a sunny country.

It is never more obvious than just upon return how gray the skies can be on the other side of the world.

It can cause severe mood disorders.

And who wants to bring in gray on the inside of the house, when there is enough gray on the outside at the moment.

But there are ways to make those gray skies go away .

One of those are …YES … the SUN….YELLOW !!!!

Maybe it all has to do with everyone’s mood out there, but I am seeing yellow everywhere this week. Certainly our souls are calling out – give us something to lift the spirit ! Winter has now been with us a while…time to start looking for the bright side of things again !!

Starting off this journey was this painting I bought on my recent trip to Vietnam.

I think it will fit perfectly in my gray diningroom – with the bright yellow of fall (ing) leaves.

I can’t wait to get it re-framed…it’s been waiting out there for me.

Everything else will be gray and white.

What do you think of this color scheme?

Just to give you an idea of the same scheme, different setting….

(by Michelle Hinckley)

mmmmm…don’t you think??

I found this while browsing around for inspiration on the site houzz. What a great site that is for replacing all your old magazine clippings?

If I have not convinced you of the yellow yet…..

tell me with a straight face that you did NOT notice that vase…?!

(by Fiorella Design)

And how cool is this?

(by The Lettered Cottage)

Magic touch there with the frame !

(by Michelle Hinckley)

And surely waking up to this can help a l-i-t-t-l-e (not a lot) with getting up in the morning …..

(by Michelle Hinckley)

This dining room would have been absolutely nothing without those chairs !

(by Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech)

And if you prefer to go with a little bit of a different shade…..still success !!

(by Emily Elizabeth Interior Design)

Be it the bright or the buttery version. Yellow just never fails.

oooh…. I can just imagine the home-baked bread to make this picture complete for a cozy ranch feeling…

(by Dreamy Whites)

I can go on and on here for the rest of the day. I am not wearing yellow for nothing today?! (Quick shot from my computer to let you in on what tipped me over today to bring all the yellow’s together…must have hit me already this morning in my dressing room !)

Yellow is not a team player. It pretty much does the job single-handedly..but what a great job it is doing to brighten up any space that needs a bit of oemf !

But, if I have not convinced you…there is NO one more convincing with color inspiration than Leslie with her blog, a creative mint.

For a treat, go over to decor8, where Leslie shares the rest of her color project for this month on Holly’s blog. Here is just a taste… I rest my case !


Color me pretty on decor8

Make sure not to miss the rest of Leslie’s beautiful color combinations at  Color Me Pretty Time via a creative mint or on decor8.

Have a bright and sunny afternoon, even if the skies are gray.

Hope I have lifted your spirit a little and let me know what you think of my dining room plan !

Good advice

24 Jan

Last week my daughter had surgery.  It was minor. For me – a big deal.

Seeing your little one being pushed into theatre makes all sorts of things go through your head.

I think it makes you slow down a little bit and it makes you think more.

About life and how you live it, what you have and what you take for granted, what is important and what will be  more important in future. Yes, it definitely makes you ponder on things a little bit more than on your ordinary day.

You cut out all the other things for a while and focus on the one thing at hand…

Untill it is done. Successfully. And you are relieved. Very relieved that all went well.

During this process I went to get a coffee at one of my favourite shops and noticed this sign on the wall.

On another day it may have gone by unnoticed.

But that day, I noticed.

It made me stop.

It made me think long after I left the place.

It made me want to follow their advice.

I think you would like it too…

It is good advice.

It sounds simple.

But it says A LOT……

Here is to a happy, simple life. I am certainly going to strive for that.

I have a problem saying no to about you? I am going to work on that…

But hey – if all else fail – I guess we can all keep up the smile – part ?!

Have a happy day everyone.


Choosing a gift

22 Jan

Back to the business of blogging….I have so many things on my mind!

I am unpacking …and amongst the things I have brought back with me is the chocolates I got for Christmas from my niece. Unbelievable that I did not eat them straight away..but the last time I intended to eat them, I took a photo instead and left them untouched again.

A chocolate for Christmas can be a very ordinary gift…or it could be like these…too damn cute to eat !!

Yes, she is just 1 year old, so I know her mom picked it out..but it brings me back to the issue of attention to detail when you pick a gift.

Just looking at this – you know that the decision was to buy a chocolate..but then it could not just be any had to be special, it had to stand out, it had to be something I would remember when I next Christmas try to think what I got from everyone and it had to create special emotion when seeing it, opening it….

And it did all of the above. Mission complete. These chocolates were cute, special, memorable…and I don’t even know what they taste like… but who cares.

My son says that I can’t eat them now, because then I will have to tweet about it…

Let me just correct that. I have not stopped eating. I still intend enjoying all good things in life. It is the overeating that will send me tweeting !!

Just wanted to share the cute-ness and impression of a gift that was carefully selected. Paying attention to detail pays great dividends in the heart and mind of the receiver of such gift !!

TWEET..don’t EAT !

21 Jan

I might be all brave and say that I am not going to have the same old boring New Years’ Resolution, like a 100 million other people, to lose weight this year…but what if reality tells you that you HAVE to ??!!!!

Yes, I just returned from one of THOSE holidays…EAT, DRINK and be MERRY !!!

But..I have also read that it is not that simple to just decide something and then it is done.

“THEY” say… only 3 out of every 200 people can change a habit by simply taking a decision about it.

They ALSO said that you can only break a habit by replacing it with another one.

So, here goes… I have a habit of nibbling…. mindless eating when I am not hungry…..just boredom…comfort…..time-killer….. whatever the reasons might be.

So, I decided that I am going to put a new habit in place – to TWEET every time I want to EAT when I should not or need not be eating….

If you are not on Twitter – sign up ..come on !!! Get with it!! It’s 2011…..

Find me at

Ok, you are going to hear a lot from me on TWITTER then this year ! But I don’t have a following on I guess that is a fairly safe place to go and dump my thoughts every time I get the urge to stuff my mouth. If I would do that on Facebook, I can be sure to be blocked from a few friend’s feeds, as I too can’t handle the traffic when people start telling you when they put ketch-up on their food…or just blinked. I promise not to tweet non-stop about my eating habits or what I did or did not eat the minute before, but rather tweeting about something on my mind, something I might see or feel right that moment. So, if you want to be in for a huge chunk of what is going on in my life on a daily basis, follow me on Twitter, because I am going to bring it on BIG time !!! Please do note that I will sometimes tweet not out of a need to eat..but simply because …

Follow me on Twitter to share my journey.

Or let me in on your secrets of how to shed the pounds after the Christmas eating frenzy, by leaving me a comment on the blog.

Or just for fun – tell me about your solutions for breaking old, bad habits?!

Would love to hear… and if you tweet about it – let me know …

Sorry, gotta go…need to go TW-EAT !!

New Year’s Resolutions

6 Jan

It is January, 6th and I am only now  posting the draft I wrote for my blog on the 1st day of this new year! I hope this is not indicative of my year ahead…but on the other hand – the important thing is that all things do eventually get done, even if it is a little later than originally planned !

I had no internet for a month…that explains  a lot on the silence this side… but I have limited internet for now and maybe just enough to get this draft posted !

So, this is what I was wondering on that first day…..

Are New Year’s Resolutions  becoming something of the past? Is it even possible that such a tradition can become obsolete…??? Or are people just getting more “scared” to put it out there…. getting more pessimistic as life goes on about what is possible or likely to happen vs what their past results have shown…

Why else then – when I asked people about their resolution, 8 out of 10 answered by saying “I don’t make a resolution anymore since I never stick to it?”. How boring. Somehow it took a bit of the fun out of “making conversation” just after the clock struck that magic midnight hour at the turn of another year…

My response “oh now?!…have one??!! ..after which they naturally asked – so what is yours??!

Mmmmm….. good question….

I have thought about my own and refused to fall within the category of the top 4 resolutions as we all know them – AGAIN…?!

* to lose weight

* give up smoking (by the way – not mine – but on the top 4 list worldwide!)

*give up drinking

* exercise more

Basically a healthier lifestyle?!

Yes – I admit – I do fall in this category above…but I want it to be a little less what I aim  for everyday I open my eyes…

So, I thought about it for a while and two video clips that I saw earlier this year inevitably came up with that thought process….

One of them is about this guy on TED talks whose theory is that once you have told people what you are intending to do, you are more than likely not going to do it. This is one of the reasons I probably too have to agree that New Year’s resolutions are fun but highly ineffective.

Since I have watched this, I have become a believer of this too…. it has certainly happened to me… I wanted to share this insight with you….but with my limited internet can’t search for it right now..and will have to share it later… (hope it does not fall into that category of “said I will, so now I won’t..?!)

So, moving on –

Second part of the problem is that we always want to make that perfect new start at a substantially significant point like the beginning  of a new year – instead of just STARTING..just DOING it… exactly what clip nr 2 so perfectly inspired me to do.

Do yourself a favour and watch Ben as he did exactly this ! This 5 minute clip might just change your life for the better in 2011 !!!

May 2011 be the year where you DON’T tell people your resolutions, but simply start and DO them!!

And keep me posted if you have any success following this approach.

I do have big plans for the year with my blog, and a  “business with a cause” I plan to undertake…but before I tell too much and have my theory becomes reality…


Take care


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