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Storing Make Up Brushes

6 Oct

Recently I saw a great post in a series on organizing tips. It is from a super dooper blog called Deliciously Organized. Really worth checking out !

This tip was for Storing Make Up Brushes by adding sand to the container to make them stand up !

via Deliciously Organized: Storing Various Sizes of Makeup Brushes.

It immediately caught my eye as it reminded me a lot of my own brush collection on my countertop.

And I could relate to the problem they were describing – having them all on top of each other !

I loved the idea and tonight was the night I decided to take a little inspiration from them…..

So, I pulled the brushes aside…..Had a good look at them – mmmm….OVERCROWDED for sure !

But before I pulled over the sand… I thought of adding a little twist to it!

Instead of SAND, I added AROMATIC BATH ROCKS !!

Not only are my brushes now all standing up, ┬áready for action … it also smells delicious right under my nose while I do my make – up!

And the whole tray is now much happier…..

Thank you Deliciously Organized for the great tip !!!

Do you have great tips for organizing make-up?

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