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Take the plunge

27 Jan

I have wanted to change my blog from wordpress.com to wordpress.org for months now.

That way I will have a lot more freedom and control over my blog. That’s my kind of thing – freedom and control. There are many other reasons.

It’s a long story. I won’t bore you.

But it involves a few steps…a few things I need to do and know…that I don’t know.

And another thing you might not know about me, is that I don’t really want to do something unless I know what I DON’T know…and right now there are a number of things I DON’T know….but I will only know once I have moved the blog….yes, it’s complicated.

So, earlier tonight I saw this picture of my daughter diving into the pool at the Swim Challenge.

I have not seen it before but I love it.

My husband took it while I was out of the country and life got hectic so I never had the time to go through these.

Okay – so how does this relate.

Simply this.  It reminded me that I need to take the plunge…just dive into the deep end and start swimming.

I need to get in the water and take on the challenge.

I don’t know how it all will work out….but if you keep on living with so many “what IF’s”..you get stuck on the IF in the middle of L(IF)E for too long and loose valuable time.

That is where I am right now…stuck and not moving forward or backwards on this issue.

I am not quite ready to do this…but the sooner the better.

I will keep you posted. I will need you in this process to follow me when I leave this spot. The statistics on readers of my blog have become very rewarding and I don’t want to loose that link moving to a new place…but here I go with the long story…boring you…. I will stop.

Just keep coming back. I will keep you posted. I will need you to … Okay, I will stop. I just need to do it first, right!

I need to take that plunge !

Sometimes we need a little push….or is it a BIG one?!

23 Sep

I am a late entry to the world of blogging. Wayyyyyy behind the rest of the world?? …….I know.

Anyway – better late than never.

It is a perfect medium to share with the world out there.

Inviting others to share your inner space of thinking is a cool way for inspiring ideas to get around the globe.

But it is not all that easy to clearly communicate what you wish to say or portray.

I stumbled upon Holly Becker’s  blog a couple of weeks ago – yes, I can not even recall HOW that happened…but boy, am I happy I did…..!!
Besides the blog immediately catching my eye …and KEEPING it there for quite a while !!!……it also happened to be on the last day for sign-ups on an e-course for blogging. PERFECT !!

If EVER you need to do a course – pick this one: BLOGGING YOUR WAY !  It is superb!!!!

It has inspired me GREATLY so far… and ALL the credits for any good things you will find on this blog in the future to come , will have to go to these 2 wonderful girls who is making it all happen for our class over the internet. Holly from http://decor8blog.com  and Leslie from http://acreativemint.typepad.com . Their blogs are simply amazing.

I still have a LOT to figure out …(like how to get the links to their sites work perfectly and get a nice picture up for them?!) ….

For that I take full accountability and will accredit none of the mistakes I make to them..as they have only taught us wonderful, inspirational ways of creating the best blogs ever!

It is all new to me but I am exciteda about this BIG push that I got into the blogging world – I have needed that to finally get going.

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