About ME

Hi ! It’s ME. Ilze.

I have a passion to organize things .

I can’t help it !!! It’s in my BLOOD ! But I love doing it …

I don’t only love to ORGANIZE… I also love to ORGA-NICE !

I try to combine FUNCTION with BEAUTY as I believe that something pretty or pleasing to the eye creates an inspiration beyond just the sense of something you made neat, clean and tidy ! And just mention that there is a party to host or a room to decorate and my brain already starts smoking with ideas that can’t wait to take form.

That’s ME and my passion.

My motto – not in life, but on this subject…..


– be it LIFE, a COUNTERTOP or a PARTY!

I love cooking, entertaining, hosting, decorating, shopping, jogging (scrap that – hate that !), social gatherings and stationery shops ….

Ane then there is the wonderful world around me ….

I am an expat who has lived in South Africa, America, Russia and currently living in South Korea. I live a colourful but busy life, but I can honestly say that I have only been enriched and inspired by the culmination of these countries and cultures but most of all, by the people whom I met along the way.

My family is my priority as a stay-home mom after I had a demanding career as a Chartered Accountant (CPA) for 12 years at a big firm as a consultant…but when I realized that I enjoyed renovating the offices a tiny bit more than the project I was in charge of – I realized where my real passion lied!

English is not my native language, but this is the world I live in and I trust that you will understand my way of expression as you get to know me better!

Stick around ! Share my thoughts – but more important – please share YOUR THOUGHTS !

So, please dont leave without leaving me a comment on a post you read or on the YOUR TURN – page

so I can know that you stopped by… !


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