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Sometimes we need a little push….or is it a BIG one?!

23 Sep

I am a late entry to the world of blogging. Wayyyyyy behind the rest of the world?? …….I know.

Anyway – better late than never.

It is a perfect medium to share with the world out there.

Inviting others to share your inner space of thinking is a cool way for inspiring ideas to get around the globe.

But it is not all that easy to clearly communicate what you wish to say or portray.

I stumbled upon Holly Becker’s  blog a couple of weeks ago – yes, I can not even recall HOW that happened…but boy, am I happy I did…..!!
Besides the blog immediately catching my eye …and KEEPING it there for quite a while !!!……it also happened to be on the last day for sign-ups on an e-course for blogging. PERFECT !!

If EVER you need to do a course – pick this one: BLOGGING YOUR WAY !  It is superb!!!!

It has inspired me GREATLY so far… and ALL the credits for any good things you will find on this blog in the future to come , will have to go to these 2 wonderful girls who is making it all happen for our class over the internet. Holly from http://decor8blog.com  and Leslie from http://acreativemint.typepad.com . Their blogs are simply amazing.

I still have a LOT to figure out …(like how to get the links to their sites work perfectly and get a nice picture up for them?!) ….

For that I take full accountability and will accredit none of the mistakes I make to them..as they have only taught us wonderful, inspirational ways of creating the best blogs ever!

It is all new to me but I am exciteda about this BIG push that I got into the blogging world – I have needed that to finally get going.

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