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Yellow Fever

21 Feb

Enough said in my previous post. I am not going to make you read THAT much this time…or maybe ever again !

So, just something to look at today !  Honestly – I think I have yellow fever. Ever since I did that post on yellow and gray… I keep seeing it !

Here are a few more images on that topic that I could not forget after seeing them….and can’t resist sharing with you.

Next post – I promise – something pink..or maybe I’ll share with you the last project I did. Better come back for that !

Just enjoy these lovely spaces for today – on yellow and gray !

via Guest Bedroom – eclectic – bedroom – birmingham – by Tracery Interiors.


via the style files.

How about this very cute moose duvet and a hint of yellow with the gray walls – perfect partners !


kids rooms with yellow

via the style files

Not with gray, but still sunny ….

via Houzz

via Lake District Residence – – – san francisco – by Dijeau Poage Construction.

via Jen’s Office studio – eclectic – home office – – by Made By Girl.

via Yellow Design, Pictures, Remodeling, Decor and Ideas – page 3.

and a little personal touch for a home-office

via Magazine files in office – contemporary – home office – – by Atypical Type A.

and for a happy ending to this post…

this bedroom above that just does it for me…. and a final quote I leave you with, was one that I found on a fabulous blog that I love and follow and is definitely worth keeping an eye on…. April and May.

Gray skies…and YELLOW !!

26 Jan

Recently I decided to change my dining room curtains to a soft gray and white.

I have not done this yet..but the idea took post and it is still in the back of my mind.

Gray is the new black. How trendy.

Problem is …it is still GRAY.

Everybody LOVES gray at the moment..but I am noticing something else.

Everybody needs a bit of cheering up right now….

I have just returned from a sunny country.

It is never more obvious than just upon return how gray the skies can be on the other side of the world.

It can cause severe mood disorders.

And who wants to bring in gray on the inside of the house, when there is enough gray on the outside at the moment.

But there are ways to make those gray skies go away .

One of those are …YES … the SUN….YELLOW !!!!

Maybe it all has to do with everyone’s mood out there, but I am seeing yellow everywhere this week. Certainly our souls are calling out – give us something to lift the spirit ! Winter has now been with us a while…time to start looking for the bright side of things again !!

Starting off this journey was this painting I bought on my recent trip to Vietnam.

I think it will fit perfectly in my gray diningroom – with the bright yellow of fall (ing) leaves.

I can’t wait to get it re-framed…it’s been waiting out there for me.

Everything else will be gray and white.

What do you think of this color scheme?

Just to give you an idea of the same scheme, different setting….

(by Michelle Hinckley)

mmmmm…don’t you think??

I found this while browsing around for inspiration on the site houzz. What a great site that is for replacing all your old magazine clippings?

If I have not convinced you of the yellow yet…..

tell me with a straight face that you did NOT notice that vase…?!

(by Fiorella Design)

And how cool is this?

(by The Lettered Cottage)

Magic touch there with the frame !

(by Michelle Hinckley)

And surely waking up to this can help a l-i-t-t-l-e (not a lot) with getting up in the morning …..

(by Michelle Hinckley)

This dining room would have been absolutely nothing without those chairs !

(by Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech)

And if you prefer to go with a little bit of a different shade…..still success !!

(by Emily Elizabeth Interior Design)

Be it the bright or the buttery version. Yellow just never fails.

oooh…. I can just imagine the home-baked bread to make this picture complete for a cozy ranch feeling…

(by Dreamy Whites)

I can go on and on here for the rest of the day. I am not wearing yellow for nothing today?! (Quick shot from my computer to let you in on what tipped me over today to bring all the yellow’s together…must have hit me already this morning in my dressing room !)

Yellow is not a team player. It pretty much does the job single-handedly..but what a great job it is doing to brighten up any space that needs a bit of oemf !

But, if I have not convinced you…there is NO one more convincing with color inspiration than Leslie with her blog, a creative mint.

For a treat, go over to decor8, where Leslie shares the rest of her color project for this month on Holly’s blog. Here is just a taste… I rest my case !


Color me pretty on decor8

Make sure not to miss the rest of Leslie’s beautiful color combinations at  Color Me Pretty Time via a creative mint or on decor8.

Have a bright and sunny afternoon, even if the skies are gray.

Hope I have lifted your spirit a little and let me know what you think of my dining room plan !

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