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Storing Kids Art and Posters

13 May

Kids work really hard at school on their art work ….. and which parent is not proud of their kids’ creations ?!

They create really cool pieces !!


Soon it will be the end of the school year and you will greet your kids on the last, or second last day of the school-year with huge, oversized art works that the teacher decided to keep in her studio UNTILL that last day ! Oh, what to do that day?? No cupboard in the house big enough to simply put away a PILE of art work safely untill the holiday rush is over. Art work is one of those papers you want to keep protected from spills and water and dust and to not get wrinkled…but those pieces usually don’t fit into any sort of filing system I have seen before.

Well – you can frame some of them – like these 2 my son did when he was 6 and I thought it deserved a place on the wall.

His Russian bear – actually a wax medium …and kind of hard to tell from a picture behind glass….

And this was one as an impression of Picasso.

Framing some of their best pieces certainly gives a sense a value and worth to their efforts and does show the child that they can take pride in displaying their work – good enough for your walls. It does not need to be a real Picasso to make it up the wall ! 😉

Or this one my daughter did, same age – also loved it !

Oh, my future artists !!! Mommy is so proud. (and can not afford the real paintings anyway… , but don’t tell !)

So, better back to storing it….let’s  be honest – we don’t have enough walls in the house to frame 15+ years of school art (for each of the 3 kids) that made its’ way into the house.

Yes – it will be lovely and adorable and never-to-throw-away pieces with huge sentimental value of what your little Johnny or your  little Sarah could do when they were ONLY 6 !!!! And it would be a crime to not keep all that creativity somewhere safe.

The solution today – DIY ART FOLDERS. Nothing fancy, but highly functional !!

This can be  a fun, DIY project at home to keep the kids busy (in case you stay home this summer break)…. or maybe they can start doing it now already and you will have it ready when those pieces arrive home !

We did this last summer and I can’t wait to just plop this year’s pieces in there with the rest !!

Putting it together is real simple ! A ribbon glued onto the sides and bookbinding tape to hold the two pieces together at the bottom.

Bookbinding tape on the inside of the boards prevents the papers from falling through at the bottom. You can put the two boards flat next to each other and put the bookbinding tape centred to where they connect  – do it on the inside so your tape doesn’t show…or like in this case, I used black tape, so you don’t even notice at the bottom.

I found that polystyrene board worked best…poster board is obviously too soft and bendy…and hardboard makes it too heavy to carry by the ribbon/ tape or to store up high. The polystyrene is enough protection for the posters/ papers but lightweight at same time.

and VOILA – one done in no time at all !

While I made the folders, the kids started sorting their art, since we had all the way from First Steps to year 6 in one pile.

Not all the art would fit into one folder, so we sorted them into bundles of 3-4 years at a time and made several folders for each child.

Get out the paint, spray paint, stickers… decorate with …..

and let the FUN part start !

Oooh – did I remember to mention that you need a HUGE big sail/ plastic to cover your beautiful wooden floors !…. and their oldest clothes?.

Each child can put their unique identity onto their folders. It becomes part of their ART !

…and while the paint dry, you can use the time to get some cleaning up going…..

I may have to warn you that this is the point where my kids tend to start to wander off and you find them elsewhere… like here…

or when you think you will take a picture of the final product…. you may find that you have misplaced your camera….which was in the room all the time…?? Strange how nobody knew at the time what happened to the camera?

While the kids drifted off, I made a folder for myself too, for some posters I had that I did not want to get damaged and some unframed art that I had to keep safe.

I decorated mine with some wall stickers that I had left over from before.

But mine was definitely not as creative and adorable as the designs some people came up with!

The nice part is that it is part of their creativity and art and will one day be a reminder of what they came up with design-wise. There is no right or wrong.

SInce the folders have hard sides, they can stand on their own…but with the precious decorations on them… I felt like storing them more safely. I bought this bag from IKEA. It is perfect to put all the folders in one place, protected from dust etc and with a handy carry-handle so you can carry all the folders in one go! You can find the bag at your nearest IKEA.

Hope you enjoy making some art folders.

Or do you have some ideas up your sleeve on how to deal with these huge pieces? Let me know how you stored yours?

For some of the pieces that are not so oversized and which did not make it onto the wall, I filed them in showcase A5- files and keep them a little more handy on top of the shelf to enjoy !

Keep creating little ones !!


Turquoise Thursday

12 May


I love the colour TURQUOISE. It is such a universal colour and at the same time, SO unique. Blends with everything and yet stands out from the colour crowd.

Few items on Etsy caught my eye while browsing and it must have something to do with the fact that I always spot something which has the T-colour in it !

I think the necklace at the top, from Elegantknit , will just look superb with a summer dress.

And doesn’t this next item just make you want to go on holiday on an island ?

anklet foot jewelry bracelet crochet hippy chic by nerina52.

Next one is this totally adorable lampshade. What do you think? Like it – or no? ….Come on – even if it is not your style – you have to admit, it is pretty cool. It is by  Shepherdofthesea.


baby newborn hat photography prop handmade knitting by nerina52.

Now, how cute is this?? A baby hat for a newborn ! Love it.

If the first necklace is not for you – how about this one by PashaBodrum…very intricate…but would be lovely with a crisp, white buttoned shirt.

Turqouise Necklace

Maybe you are not up for something to hang on the neck…how about a little something to hang on the wall then? This clock will certainly brighten up a fun playroom or a cool teenager’s room ! It is from onedayatatime.

Wall Clock

Maybe not for the teenager – but this print  Modern Illustration Flowers Print Black White Red by TwigsAndLace will certainly work for me a wall that needs a little help to get noticed in an all white room.

And when I saw these… well, too bad they already got sold..but still they are well worth showing you !

They are from the 1950’s – an era in which turquoise was very popular !

Retro Melamine Cups Boontonware Turquoise 4 by coconutroad on Etsy.

Now, don’t let me even start on my own collection of turquoise items in the house…maybe on another rainy day….

But I can show you just my latest addition, this armoires, that I recently got in Morocco.

Maybe wondering today what I should put in this armoires is what got me started off on the wonderful world of Turquoise this Thursday.

Happy Thursday everyone !


Picnic Party

5 May

The weather is just gorgeous today. It makes me want to be outside and not stuck indoors.

And picnic is what comes to mind first !

So, if you have a special occasion planned…why not take it outside?

It can be as stylish and pretty as any indoor occasion.

All you need is a few details…

To turn your picnic from an ordinary outing into an unforgettable occassion…don’t take the easy route of simply pulling out store-bought items. Trust me – it is not too much effort to fill your own bottles with a mix like rooibos punch to which you can add a little passion fruit pulp, put the water in a pitcher with fresh lemon and leaves, add a vase with flowers even if you are in a beautiful park or forest… and you can be sure that your guests will notice  that you did not simply “show up”…they will know that you are happy to be there with them  and you were preparing for this day long before they got their picnic blankets out !

Do I even need to say this?

Colour-co-ordinate – yes, EVERYTHING, including the food… is KEY …. it brings your picnic all into one spot without being lost in the big open spaces.

Keep your eyes open in the shops and soon enough  you will easily find foods that fit the bill for your colour scheme of the day!

Add some really special touches by reminding everyone what or who the event is for, by adding a name to a vase or container or any item on your table (especially if it is for someone as cute and adorable as our dearest cousin who was the guest of honour at this event !).  In this case, scrapbook letters were stuck onto the vase – they are ready-made (forget tracing and cutting – because let’s  be honest – who has time for that??!….., they are pre-glued and they can be removed easily. Instant glamour. What more do you need? Find them at any scrapbook supply store.

And no special occasion can be complete without putting a fabulous cake forward – and because it is a picnic, this topping was perfect remembering that you are out there in Nature!   Fresh lavender and strawberries…..with chocolate flakes … yum !

(All photo credits : Grethe)

To give credit for this topping idea, I need to point you to the recipe book where I originally found it – called PASELLA (found in bookstores in South Africa).

It is a butternut cake – doesn’t that just sounds interesting to start with?!

If you want to give it a try:

Butternut Cake

Pan size – 15×15 cm square or 23 cm round

Sunflower Oil – 250 ml (1 cup)

Sugar – 375 ml (1.5cup) (300g)

Eggs – 3

Pecan Nuts, chopped – 125 ml (1/2 cup)

Sultanas – 125 ml (1/2 cup) (80 g)

Butternut Squash, grated – 1 small (500g)

* can replace half of butternut with apple

Canned pineapple, crushed – 125 ml (1/2 cup)

Flour – 500 ml (2 cups) (240 g)

Cinnamon – 10 ml (2t)

Baking powder – 5 ml (1t)

Bicorbanate of soda – 5ml (1t)


Pre-heat oven to 160 C.

Place baking paper at bottom of cake pan

Mix the oil, sugar and eggs in a mixing bowl.

Mix the sultanas, nuts, butternut and pineapple into the sugar/egg mixture.

Sift the dry ingredients and add to pumpkin mix till well-mixed.

Scoop into prepared pan.

Bake approximately 45 minutes.


200 ml soft butter

1 l (4 cups) icing sugar (520 g)

15 ml (1 T) vanilla

250 g cream cheese


Cream butter and sugar together.

Add vanilla and then stir cream cheese in.

Add topping over cake till it runs over the sides.

Top with cinnamon sticks or chocolate flake, strawberries and lavender.

Sprinkle with powder sugar.

And wait for your guests to ooh and aah after this ! I repeat – wait for the ooh and aah’s – especially your health conscious friends.

But you can use any alternative cake under this festive topping. In this case, it was substituted by a Guinness cake from Nigella Lawson. And worked wonders. What else can you expect from Nigella’s kitchen?

If you dont’ get hung up on having walnuts and little carrots on your carrot cake, I am sure a carrot cake will do the trick under that topping as well!

And another winner for the day were these Cinnamon Crunch Cobbler Muffins. They are yummy and they pull apart … great for replacing an ordinary muffin into one that have your guests asking for the recipe ! With chopped pecans and lots of butter, this picture can really not tell you how yummy and gooey they are…it is after all a PARTY !

If you want the recipe – e-mail me at and I will be more than happy to mail it to you !

Your party can be perfect – even as a picnic. The difference is really just in the details !

Enjoy the lovely weather everyone.

And do tell me if you love picnics ! Or where your favorite picnic spot is !!


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