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TWEET..don’t EAT !

21 Jan

I might be all brave and say that I am not going to have the same old boring New Years’ Resolution, like a 100 million other people, to lose weight this year…but what if reality tells you that you HAVE to ??!!!!

Yes, I just returned from one of THOSE holidays…EAT, DRINK and be MERRY !!!

But..I have also read that it is not that simple to just decide something and then it is done.

“THEY” say… only 3 out of every 200 people can change a habit by simply taking a decision about it.

They ALSO said that you can only break a habit by replacing it with another one.

So, here goes… I have a habit of nibbling…. mindless eating when I am not hungry…..just boredom…comfort…..time-killer….. whatever the reasons might be.

So, I decided that I am going to put a new habit in place – to TWEET every time I want to EAT when I should not or need not be eating….

If you are not on Twitter – sign up ..come on !!! Get with it!! It’s 2011…..

Find me at http://twitter.com/idodetail

Ok, you are going to hear a lot from me on TWITTER then this year ! But I don’t have a following on Twitter..so I guess that is a fairly safe place to go and dump my thoughts every time I get the urge to stuff my mouth. If I would do that on Facebook, I can be sure to be blocked from a few friend’s feeds, as I too can’t handle the traffic when people start telling you when they put ketch-up on their food…or just blinked. I promise not to tweet non-stop about my eating habits or what I did or did not eat the minute before, but rather tweeting about something on my mind, something I might see or feel right that moment. So, if you want to be in for a huge chunk of what is going on in my life on a daily basis, follow me on Twitter, because I am going to bring it on BIG time !!! Please do note that I will sometimes tweet not out of a need to eat..but simply because …

Follow me on Twitter to share my journey.

Or let me in on your secrets of how to shed the pounds after the Christmas eating frenzy, by leaving me a comment on the blog.

Or just for fun – tell me about your solutions for breaking old, bad habits?!

Would love to hear… and if you tweet about it – let me know …

Sorry, gotta go…need to go TW-EAT !!

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