Off to Hong Kong

28 Oct

This weekend I will be off to Hong Kong with my husband and some fabulous friends to have a fun time…

So, to get myself geared up I started browsing around for things I am currently in the mood for …. just looking……

But’s luring me in !!!

To give you a peep into what caught my eye… I have included one of my sets down below…

It’s fun to build your own little collection and here is the site I used to put together my ensemble… go try it at Polyvore … will have fun too playing around with all those items that usually stare at us from the windows or inside the beautiful stores. Now you can get your whole wishlist together without leaving home. Who needs Hong Kong to go shopping?

I’m still going though…. because some things the internet simply can’t replace – like the good company of the friends who will join us there !

Have yourselves a happy weekend – be it in HONG KONG or at HOME !!!!

Back soon,

Ilze xo

Hong Kong

Hong Kong by idodetail featuring a sleeveless blouse



One Response to “Off to Hong Kong”

  1. Ann October 28, 2010 at 5:18 pm #

    You are one lucky girl! Enjoy your weekend! And thanks for stopping by my blog.

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